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Always look on the bright side of life...

Angela Saban
6 September
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  • pepperpot_wink@livejournal.com
I'm now a 37 year old, married with a 4 year old son, slightly silly girl working and
(trying) to finish my Masters degree in the Dallas area. Light brown hair, blue eyes,
slightly heavier than my fighting weight, but getting closer all the time! I
love to have deep conversations, and I'm always ready to "buy an argument,"
if the talk is good, and the coffee is hot. I love sci-fi and fantasy, but
don't live it. I love movies and books as well. Miss the mountains of
Montana where I went to school, and the beaches of Denmark where I spent a
year and fell in love (with the country!). I'm an accountant, but don't let
that fool you, I'll try anything twice!</i>

If you don't know, "Pepperpot" is because Monty Python called all the ladies they dressed up as, "pepperpots" and "wink" is from "wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say-no-MORE!"