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Busty Moves

I’m back full time in suits, and I wore a blouse today that was a bit slippery.  Which meant it started showing a bit more cleavage than I am comfortable with in a work environment.  First, I went to the ladies’ room and turned the top around, but sadly, because of the design, it eventually slipped that way as well.  Now, I have the liner up above the offending cleavage, which probably looks strange—so I’ll do a little sewing over the weekend to make it work.

All this reminded me of the uproar I had heard about a Lane Bryant ad, being a full figured woman—and even at my thinnest I’m a curvy person, and happy that way!  Since I hadn’t seen the ad, I googled it….I am at a loss for words…the ad seems to very innocuous…I tried multiple times to see if I was viewing the WRONG ad, but apparently not.  Really??  This is what you had a problem with??  Victoria’s Secret can parade sixteen scantily clad girls across the screen, and you have a problem with a momentary shot of this??  I see no problem with it at all, and if any does it FLASHES past so quickly I’m not sure people would even notice!!